When you meet with a wrongful death lawyer, you need to discuss the specifics of your case and make sure your lawyer understands the full extent of what happened. Here are some key topics to cover in your meeting.

The Circumstances Around the Wrongful Death

During your meeting with a wrongful death lawyer, discuss the circumstances surrounding the death of your loved one in detail. This includes gathering information such as who was involved in the incident and what happened during the events leading up to and after the death.

Be sure to provide your lawyer with any evidence that might be relevant to the case. This could include photographs, videos, or even written notes from witnesses. Make sure you also document any information about the other parties involved, such as their contact details.

This information can provide a basic outline of facts to your lawyer, so they can identify any potential legal issues that may arise from the situation. They could also point out any valuable points for you to address when deciding whether or not a wrongful death suit is worth pursuing.

Overall, having an open discussion with your lawyer about all aspects concerning the deceased's untimely passing during your first meeting will help lay the groundwork necessary for coming up with an effective strategy moving forward — whether that includes filing a lawsuit or simply seeking closure through other means.

The Damages You've Suffered

You need to inform your wrongful death lawyer of all the damages you have suffered due to the passing of your loved one. This includes any economic losses, such as medical bills or funeral costs, as well as emotional damages.

Your lawyer should be fully aware of all the damages you've incurred, as they will inform the type of compensation they seek on your behalf. For instance, if your loved one's passing has caused you to experience emotional distress, your lawyer might pursue damages for pain and suffering.

Your lawyer also needs to understand any future damages you may face, such as the loss of income that your loved one provided. Make sure to discuss any potential losses so your lawyer can develop a comprehensive settlement package.

Keep in mind that the damages awarded to you will depend on the jurisdiction where your case is filed, as certain damages may not be compensable in some states. For instance, in some states, punitive damages may not be available in a wrongful death lawsuit. So, make sure to discuss these potential nuances with your lawyer prior to filing a suit.