If you need to make a claim for long-term disability (LTD) insurance benefits, then you might think that you can handle this part of the process on your own. You know that you might need a lawyer later if your claim is denied but don't think you need one yet.

However, it pays to bring in a disability claims attorney now. If you hire a lawyer as soon as you lose the ability to work, then you increase your chances of getting your benefits. Why get legal help early in this process?

1. Get Advice On What To Do Now

If you can no longer do your job, then you might make changes that affect your ability to make an LTD claim. For example, you might quit your job or change to a different role that is better suited to your current capabilities.

However, these decisions can have negative effects on your application for benefits. For example, your coverage might end if you leave your job if you use a group business policy. Your insurer might then deny your claim.

If you consult a lawyer, then they can tell you what you should and shouldn't do at this stage. You get expert advice that helps you avoid mistakes that could affect the success of your application.

2. Avoid Denial Triggers On Your Application

LTD insurance claims documents sometimes include questions worded in such a way that your natural response triggers a denial of claim. You might not know how to spot these questions and answer them correctly.

A disability claims attorney understands how these application forms work. They can help you complete them without triggering denial answers. You won't make mistakes that could affect your claim.

3. Gather All The Evidence You Need For The Future

In some cases, you need to gather all your claims evidence at the beginning of the application process. Depending on the policy you have, you might have to submit all this evidence early on. You might not be allowed to submit evidence later if your claim is denied even if you have the right evidence to win an appeal.

If you work with a lawyer, then they will ensure that you have all the evidence you need from the start. If you do need to make an appeal for a denial of claim later, you'll have all the proof you need to back up your claim.

So, hiring an attorney now makes sense. If your insurance company does deny your claim, you'll also have a lawyer on board who understands your case. To find out more, contact a disability insurance claims lawyer.