No one ever wants to need a criminal law attorney. If you ever find yourself in need of one, though, there are certain things you should look for in order to make sure your best interests are represented fairly. These are a few of the things you need to seek when choosing a criminal law attorney to represent you in court.

Winning Trial History

Most criminal cases go to trial. That means an attorney who is known for settling out of court may lack the experience required to navigate the legal battlefield of a courtroom trial. More importantly, though, you want to choose a lawyer with a reasonably high acquittal rate. In other words, you want a criminal law attorney with a winning track record.

Familiarity with Local Courts

Hiring a criminal law attorney who is familiar with the judges and courtroom proceedings in your community offers a major advantage over going with an attorney from out-of-town. Each judge has their own unique preferences and procedures for courtroom practices and etiquette. Hiring an attorney who knows and follows these practices and has a good working relationship with the judge can be beneficial to you.

Responsive to Your Needs

It is likely that you feel very uncertain as you go through the process of a criminal trial. You want to make sure the criminal law attorney you choose is aware of this and puts you at ease as you go through the next stage of your care. That means they need to take the time to explain the situation to you, put you at ease, and prepare you for what lies ahead. See how long it takes them to respond to your calls before you hire them, and get a feel for the kind of rapport you get with your attorney before moving forward.

Specializations in Criminal Law

If you're facing a criminal trial, you want a criminal law attorney to handle your case. Not a tax attorney who took a few criminal law classes in law school. Each field of law is different and involves specific legal precedence and areas of law. You need an attorney that is knowledgeable, experienced, and reputable to represent your interests when your life, finances, and freedom are on the line. Finally, make sure you have confidence in the criminal law attorney you hire.

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