If you have sustained injuries in a car accident caused by someone else, the other driver (or their insurance company) may owe you compensation. Things can be confusing for many accident victims, though, and it's easy to see why. On the one hand, you are being told that insurance will cover your accident and the expenses. On the other hand, you are learning that what the insurer is offering is far from adequate. To help you clear up the confusion about what path to take, read below to compare what might happen.

Will the Insurance Company Cover Your Accident?

The driver that hit you is responsible for paying all the costs of the accident. Unfortunately, insurers are not set up to cover every cost. You might just find out that the at-fault driver's insurer is not even cooperating with you to cover basic expenses like a car repair and medical costs. It's always upsetting when trust is broken, but you must consider that insurers are for-profit companies and their allegiance is not to you but to the dollar. To that end, they may promise you benefits that will never come to fruition. At times like this, it's best to know exactly what an insurer covers and what they don't.

  • They might cover medical expenses and your car.
  • They won't cover future medical needs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

The things they won't voluntarily cover can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses. What should you do? Take legal action and force them to pay what you deserve.

How Does Legal Action Benefit Accident Victims?

Don't head for the courthouse to file a lawsuit yet, though. Once you speak to a personal injury lawyer and they evaluate your case, the negotiations begin for a settlement. If you can get a good settlement, there is no need to go through the lengthy and costly process of suing the insurer. Your lawyer will waste no time in contacting the insurer and informing them that you now have legal counsel. That one quick move could spur several actions – all of which are to your benefit. For example:

  • The other side may offer you a higher sum to settle.
  • They may begin returning your phone calls and working with you to get your vehicle repaired.
  • They may start paying your medical bills.

Those things are just a start. Your personal injury lawyer will work to get you paid for those things plus lost wages, pain and suffering, and your future medical needs. Don't wait – speak to a car accident lawyer right away.