If a credit card company believes that you own them money, they may choose to file a lawsuit as a way to collect the debt. When this happens, there are, fortunately, debt relief lawyers who can assist you in achieving a better outcome with your case. You should especially do this if you have a defense for your case.

You May Not Owe Anything

A common problem is that a credit card debt collector confused the defendant for the wrong person. You might have a similar name or address as the individual who actually owes a debt to the credit card company. You will need to work with a debt relief lawyer to force the credit card company to produce documents that prove that you owe money to the creditor. Then, you can compare your name, signature, or other personal information to the information that the credit card company has on file.

The creditor must prove that you owe the debt to collect from you. Sometimes, when a debt is purchased by a debt collector, the debt collectors might not know that the debt has already been paid. They might also make a mistake regarding how much you owe. If they simply lost records that prove that you owe a debt, this can also serve as evidence that you do not owe any debt.

The Statute of Limitations Might Have Run Out

The statute of limitations might have passed on your debt. Creditors only have a limited amount of time to sue for the debt owed and this varies from state to state. However, you may need help from a debt relief lawyer to come up with evidence that proves that the statute of limitations has run out based on when you first accumulated the debt.

You May Need Help Negotiating a Settlement

If you do owe the debt, you may be forced to pay part of it if you are being sued. However, you could negotiate for a settlement in which you will only have to pay for a portion of the debt. However, a debt relief lawyer can assist you in negotiating for a better settlement.

Creditors are often willing to accept less than what is owed if they can be paid in one lump sum. Working with a creditor can be time-consuming and a debt relief lawyer will likely be able to negotiate more effectively. You may also be worried about what you might say that could hurt you.