Finding yourself the victim of an auto accident case can be a stressful situation as you may be unsure as to the steps you should be taking to protect your rights and recover compensation for your losses. Unfortunately, these factors can be compounded if your accident involved a commercial truck.

Myth: A Commercial Trucking Accident Case Is The Same As Any Other Auto Accident Lawsuit

Victims often assume that all auto accidents are roughly the same, and this can lead to them thinking that an accident involving a commercial truck will be the same as one involving two passenger vehicles. In reality, commercial trucking accidents can be far more complicated due to the shared liabilities that can exist among the driver, the trucking company itself, and even the cargo manufacturer. This shared responsibility can make it more time-consuming and legally complicated to determine the party that is ultimately responsible for the accident.

Myth: Hiring A Truck Accident Attorney Guarantees You Will Have To Go To Trial

While it is common for auto accident victims to want to avoid going to trial, it is important to understand that there may be situations where the is simply not another viable option for resolving the dispute. However, victims should avoid assuming that an attorney's goal will be to get the case to trial. In fact, attorneys will typically try to resolve these matters without having to go to trial. Avoiding trial can limit the expenses that will be needed to resolve the case, and it can reduce the time the attorney will have to devote to resolving the matter for their client. Additionally, the final decision will always rest with the client as to whether they wish to accept the settlement offer that they have been given or attempt to go to trial to secure a better payout.

Myth: Only Property Damage And Medical Bills Can Be Claimed As Damage In A Truck Accident Case

There are many different damages that can directly result from an auto accident, and it is important for victims to appreciate that they will have the option of pursuing many of these damages as part of their claim. For example, lost wages can be a major expense for accident victims, but they may not realize that they may be able to include these damages in their claim. Working with a truck accident attorney can help you to properly assess your case so you know the full extent of the damages that stemmed from the accident so you receive compensation for the full range of damages.