The police are constantly on the watch for drunk drivers, so it's generally best to avoid drinking and driving at all. If you do make the mistake of drinking before you get behind the wheel, you could easily find yourself at a traffic stop with an officer eyeing you suspiciously.

Here's how to avoid making the situation worse for yourself:

1. Don't get talkative

Every word you say is being recorded on the officer's dashcam and body camera, and it could all be played back in court to show the jury just how badly you slurred your words or how you rambled off the topic when the officer asked you questions. Not only that, but the police officer is going to be listening for any admission on your part that you were drinking so that you can be forced to take a breathalyzer test.

The less you say, the harder it is to turn your own words against you. Silence can't be held against you in a court of law.

2. Don't try to run

Maybe you're absolutely sure that you shouldn't have been on the road in your condition, and a moment of panic hits you over the idea of being charged with a crime. No matter how scary the idea is to you, don't make a run for it when the officer steps out of his or her patrol car. You likely won't get very far, and the charges against you will only end up being compounded with even more serious charges.

If you're arrested, focus on what you need to do to bond out of jail and contact an attorney. It's a far better use of your energy.

3. Don't be aggressive

One of the worst things that you can do if you're pulled over and questioned about drunk driving is to get angry and verbally combative with the officers. There's nothing to be gained from antagonizing someone who has the ability to arrest you. Plus, your anger could cause an officer to misinterpret any movement you make and assume you're reaching for a weapon.

You need to stay calm and focused. Remind yourself that the officer is just doing his or her job and stay respectful and polite.

4. Don't hesitate to get help

Finally, never try to handle a DUI on your own. Without a clear understanding of the law, you're not in a good position to understand your chances at trial nor to protect your rights. Instead, call a DUI attorney as soon as you can and ask for representation. You need to act quickly to best explore your legal options.