In order to win a medical malpractice case for you, your attorney will need to obtain information from a number of trusted medical professionals who can confirm that the medical practitioners in your case were negligent. You may feel as though you have a strong case, and your attorney may agree, but until he or she gets people in the know to agree with you both, the case won't be able to move forward. Medical malpractice attorneys have investigators who can find the right professionals who can lend their expertise to support your claim. Here are some people your attorney may interview in the preparation of your case.


If you're wanting legal action because you believe that a doctor was negligent in treating you, your attorney will definitely need to interview one or more fellow physicians to obtain their input on your case. What the attorney is looking for is for a doctor to say that he or she would have proceeded with your care differently and that the route your doctor took was dangerous and didn't necessarily have your best interests in mind. The doctor's testimony will be especially critical to your case if he or she is an expert in this type of situation.


Your attorney may also rely on help from one or more pharmacists if your medical malpractice case revolves around an issue with medication. For example, if you believe that you were prescribed medication that wasn't suitable for your particular condition or your overall health situation, or that the dosage was incorrect, your attorney will rely on a trained pharmacist — ideally, someone who has lots of experience with the type of medication in question — to indicate whether your doctor (or perhaps even another pharmacist) was negligent.


Sometimes, your medical malpractice case will result from a nurse at a hospital or clinic being negligent in his or her care of you. The suit will commonly target the hospital or clinic, given that the nurse is an employee of either organization, and your attorney will seek out a nurse who can explain that the manner in which your nurse dealt with your condition wasn't appropriate. Ideally, your attorney's investigator will find a nursing manager, a senior nurse, or even a nurse who teaches students about the particular issue in question, as this person's insight into your case will carry more weight than an average nurse.

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