If you know someone who was recently bailed out of jail and now suddenly wants to hide out with you, chances are they are trying to skip bail to avoid going to court and subsequently back to jail. Should this happen to you, it is important that you know what to do so that you do not end up in legal trouble yourself. Here are some tips to help prevent any problems for yourself should a recently bailed-out person show up at your door:

Never Let the Person Inside

No matter who the person is, whether it is a close relative, a good friend, or just an acquaintance, do not allow that person into your home. This person is considered a fugitive, and if he or she is found your home, you can be charged with harboring a fugitive, quickly landing yourself in jail. Although it can be difficult to tell someone no, you must never let someone who is out on bail in your home if you suspect they are skipping bail.

Call Law Enforcement

Once you are aware of the person's whereabouts, you need to contact the police and let them know immediately. Again, this can be hard if it is someone close to you, but your goal should be protecting yourself and your family. After you have turned them away, see if you can get an idea of where they are headed so you can inform the police as to where to search. You will not be charged with harboring a fugitive if the person is only at your doorstep, so you can talk for several minutes to gauge where they may be going.

Call the Person's Bail Bondsman

If the person is close to you so much so that you know who his or her bail bondsman is, you need to call the company as soon as possible. Provide them with as much information as you can. The bail bondsman is taking a significant financial risk when posting bail. If someone flees, the bondsman is in charge of making sure the fugitive shows up to court. When you speak to the bail bondsman, be sure to provide information such as the time when you last spoke to him or her, their whereabouts, the car or mode of transportation used and the like. Any information you can provide is useful to ensure the person is apprehended and placed back in jail.

For more information, contact your local collateral bail service.