Car accidents during the holidays are much higher than any other time of year, and it's mostly due to driving under the influence. However, it's also due to the fact that in the United States, the statistics show that the speeding laws simply aren't as enforced as they are in other countries, according to this article in the New York Times. This is especially dangerous when driving in more severe weather conditions, which is likely what's to be expected during the holiday season. Not to mention that there are more drivers on the road during this time of year and more stress and frustration of trying to navigate through traffic. So, how do you combat this and avoid becoming another statistic? Here are four simple ways:

  1. Get Your Car Serviced: Before the holiday season approaches, take your car into your trusted auto mechanic for an inspection and take care of all the little maintenance issues, such as replacing worn out windshield wipers that you will probably need in the upcoming months, changing the brake pads, and getting an oil change. 
  2. Know Your Route: If you are traveling this holiday season to visit friends and family, always be sure that you study the route beforehand if you are not quite sure of where you are headed. The fortunate thing is that new technology, such as Google Maps allows you to see what your route is likely going to be like traffic wise when you drive at a certain time. This takes out the guesswork of figuring out how you can avoid traffic, so you can better plan when the best time to leave would be. If you are traveling far, you can also plan your stops along the way. Rest is vital since drowsiness on the road is a leading factor in the cause of car accidents. 
  3. Follow the Speed Limit: As mentioned before, the speeding laws in the United States are not nearly as enforced as they are in other countries. Not only do the speed limits tend to be higher, but there is likely going to be more speeders on the road. Stay clear of driver's who are speeding or tailgating you. Rather than attempt to slow this driver down yourself, steering clear is the best way to avoid a car accident. You also want to follow the speed limit since speeding, especially in more severe weather is extremely dangerous. 
  4. Report Drunk Drivers: If you notice anyone swerving in and out of lanes, be sure to report them while also steering clear of them. This is the best way to get this driver off the road. Keep in mind that drinking and driving is the absolute leading cause of car accidents, especially this time of year. 

Following these four ways of avoiding a car accident this holiday season is sure to allow you to not only keep the road safer for others, but also to ensure that you get to your family's for the holidays safe and sound. If you do happen to be involved in a car accident, contact a car accident attorney to help you handle the case, this way, you don't overwhelm yourself with the issue of compensation while also still trying to get through the holidays.