Are you happy because you were able to get bailed out of jail after crashing into a building while driving under the influence of alcohol? If you are in deep legal trouble and might have to go back to jail because someone was injured, it is time for you to tell an attorney about your situation so he or she can help you get through it a little easier. You will discover information in this article that explains what a criminal defense attorney is likely to do if he or she accepts your case.

The Consultation is the Foundation for Your Case

When you are in a legal situation, an attorney must hear truthful details about the incident before he or she can successfully move forward with building your defense. Everything that you say during the consultation will build the foundation for how the rest of your case turns out. If you falsify any information, it will only damage your credibility and possibly cause you to lose the case. The attorney will ask you questions about your criminal history and other aspects of your life in order to get you a better sentence for the crime. For instance, even though you were drunk and caused an injury, you might still be able to get a light sentence if you don't have an extensive criminal background.

Your Overall Character Will Act as Evidence

Your attorney will dig deep into your criminal background in an attempt to prove to the court that you don't deserve the maximum punishment for your DUI offense. He or she will prove that you are not someone that drinks over the legal alcohol limit and cause problems on a regular basis. If you actually do have a drinking problem, the attorney might ask for evidence that you are getting treating for the addiction. You may also be asked for documents that can prove that you have held a steady job if you have one. The attorney will speak to your friends, family, and coworkers about your character to possibly find witness that can explain in court that you are a decent citizen.

You Might Avoid Going Back to Jail

Rather than you having to go back to jail when your case is settled, an attorney might recommend to the judge that you get sentenced to community service. Probation is another type of punishment that is likely if you don't have to return to jail for your crime. Ask a criminal defense attorney for help as soon as you can.

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