Few things carry as much uncertainty as personal injury lawsuits. There are so many misconceptions about different types of cases that many people who may have legitimate claims may not pursue them. Here's a look at several situations where you may not believe that you can file a claim, but a personal injury attorney may still be able to help you.

You Didn't Miss Any Days of Work

Some people believe that if they were able to go to work, they clearly weren't injured bad enough to be able to file a claim. The truth is, whether you went to work because you were able to or simply because you couldn't afford to take time off, that doesn't automatically mean you can't file a personal injury suit. In fact, lost wages are often only a small part of a settlement. You can still claim pain and suffering as well as reimbursement for any medical care.

You Weren't Paying Attention and Tripped

One of the most common myths about personal injury law is that you can't file a personal injury suit if you were partially to blame. The truth is, most states have a provision for comparative negligence, which means that your settlement is simply adjusted to account for your negligence. For example, if the courts determine that you were 40 percent to blame for the accident, the agreed-upon settlement amount may be reduced by 40 percent to account for your negligence.

You Have Emotional Trauma But No Physical Injuries

In many cases, psychological damage is more serious than physical injuries. Whether you are suffering from PTSD or other psychological trauma, you may have the right to a settlement from the responsible individual. Emotional and psychological issues can be lasting problems, and they can be costly to treat. It's important that you talk with an attorney to see if you might have a case.

You Didn't Need an Ambulance

Sometimes, you can dismiss an injury as minor only to find out later that it's significant and you need to see your doctor. Although it's usually preferable that you call an ambulance or seek medical attention at the time of the accident, but that doesn't mean that you aren't eligible for compensation if you seek treatment later. You'll need to seek treatment as soon as possible after the incident, though. In order to have the best chances of filing a successful case, make sure that you provide the medical specialists with all of the information about the accident and your symptoms. You'll need the medical record detail to show how the injury is connected to the accident.

Talk with a certified personal injury lawyer like those at Gazewood & Weiner PC if you think you could file a lawsuit but are still unsure.