It's easy to  get caught up in debt, especially in this economy. While you may have sleepless nights and ignore your phone knowing it's another bill collector right now, you can make it all stop. Consider filing chapter 13 bankruptcy to get your finances back in order.  
What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? 
Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an option for people to consolidate their debt, fix their credit, and get back on track financially. When you make this decision, you will be assigned a trustee to act as a mediator between you, your creditors, and the bankruptcy court. You will make an agreement that is comfortable for your creditors and that  you can afford. You must  promise to make all payments on time. If you do not, there will be substantial consequences. This process will last for a number of years until all creditors are paid.  
Why Chapter 13? 
There are a couple of bankruptcy options out there. You may be wondering why you should choose this option over others. For starters, you generally get to keep your assets. This means that you can keep your car and your home. This bankruptcy allows you more normalcy. You basically live your life the same as you did before. Only, you have a more strict bill schedule. And you're actually paying all of your bills.  
Also, you get to build up your credit throughout the process. As you pay your creditors, your credit is slowly getting better and better. By the time you complete the program, your credit should be good enough to go about your life normally.  
What Are You Giving Up? 
When you file chapter 13 bankruptcy, there will be certain changes in your life. .You are not allowed to take out a line of credit, such as a new credit card or a car, without approval from the bankruptcy court. You also must divulge any and all financial information. Any attempt to hide this information can result in serious consequences.  
Filing chapter 13 bankruptcy must be taken extremely seriously. If you go through with it and then fail to adhere to the requirements of the process, you will only end up hurting yourself further. Not only will you lose the benefits the system would have given you, but you will further hurt your credit. Be ready to pay on time every time, and this will be a change for the better. You may need to find a bakruptcy attorney, at a place like Klafter & Mason LLC, to represent you, as well.