When being charged with criminal offences, understanding the precedence involved in similar previous cases can be beneficial to the defendants. Understanding the factors that are involved in previous cases can help many defendants determine the best approach to take on the case, and the type of consequences to expect in the event that one is convicted of the crimes that they are being accused of. The criminal defense attorney from Dallas will generally have all of the knowledge and data needed in regards to previous cases, and they are also able to analyze and review the circumstances involved with those cases in comparison to the clients' cases in order to determine the success rates of being exonerated and the types of consequences to expect. This can help defendants determine whether the prosecution has been fair in their verdicts and in their recommendations. The criminal defense attorney from Dallas may use the information from the previous cases to determine the type of plea bargains to negotiate. It is important to note that the judges will also normally follow the same ruling for the cases in honour of the cases that happened before in order to ensure that there is consistency in the legal system. Share